Thursday, February 3, 2011

Grain-free, Sugar-free Challenge!

I've been vegan for over a month now.

And I love it! Truly, I seldom miss cheese or dairy, and I never crave meat- if I did, I'd reach for yummy Quorn products. De-lish.

But I still struggle with binge eating, and it's a major drag. For a week weeks there I was doing great, eating only when I was hungry, eating only grapefruit for breakfast, fruit smoothies for lunch and vegan whole-grain/veggie fare for dinner. And not feeling deprived.

But that didn't last long. Case in point: I made a batch of whole grain vegan coconut-oatmeal cookies this afternoon, and probably consumed 3/4 of them myself. Yucka.

I've been questioning my addiction to grains for a while, or at least wheat. Toast with Earth Balance butter is a favorite binge food.

When I feel my best, I'm eating minimal grains, a lot of fruits and vegetables, and some raw nuts. That's pretty much it.

And I need to get back to that, to feel my best and to do my best as a mother.

So here it is: my three week, 21 day journey to better health and mood.

No sugar (need we say why this is a good idea? I think not), no wheat. (Still vegan- no dairy, meat, or animal products.) And more fruits, veggies, and raw nuts.

Yippee! I'll be starting this Sunday.

Are you up for the challenge?

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